Airlines Benefits

As an airline, you want to work with a company that is committed to providing you with unique benefits, has the experience to back its claims and is well-respected within the industry.  When you need to find the effective means to dispose of your surplus aircraft and airplane engines, know that INAV Group, LLC ™ stands apart from other buyers worldwide for numerous reasons.  These reasons and our features in benefits are why so many respected airlines have chosen to do business with us time and time again.

Benefits of Working with INAV as an Airline

  • We have longevity, experience and long-standing partnerships which are of value to airlines that are trying to dispose of excess inventory.  INAV Group, LLC ™ is armed with over 40 years of history in this industry.
  • We always live up to our promises.  We do exactly what we say and are accountable for our work 100% of the time.  Count on us for reliability, consistency and promptness.
  • We have a solid reputation amongst the airline industry and our peers for quality and offer transparent dealings from start to finish.  You can expect open, honest communication from every member of our team.  When you partner with INAV Group, LLC ™, you will see that we under promise and over deliver.
  • We have flexible financial capabilities as well as innovative and unique economic solutions when it comes to selling, leasing and buying.
  • We are focused on serving as your continued partner and aim to build trust.  The INAV Group team is extremely people focused and we have been this way since our inception.  At our company, our customers’ needs always come first.
  • We are extremely innovative in our approach and willing to present you with solutions that are not only dependable, but fast moving.  Some of these custom solutions include:  engine leasing, entrustments, selling parts and joint ventures.