Airlines Overview

As an airline, you often face the challenge of disposing of excess inventory due to fleet changes and other operational circumstances.  When faced with this challenge, you want to achieve two things.  First, you want to be able to act quickly and sell your inventory as soon as possible.  Second, you want to make sure that you get significant return on investment for your assets whether you’re selling aircraft or airplane engines.

Additionally, you may have valuable assets that you are unaware of.  We can help you identify those assets, determine fair value and ensure that you sell excess product at the right price.  Our goal is to help you receive significant returns on your surplus aircraft, engines and engine material.  By partnering with INAV Group, LLC ™, you can turn your excess inventory into cash.

Our Solutions Address Your Challenges

INAV Group, LLC ™ has the longevity, relationships and integrity it takes to help you transition your inventory and we want to be part of your end of life exit strategy.  One of our core competencies as an aftermarket commercial airline parts company is aircraft asset management.  In other words, our goal is to get you the best price for your airframes, aircraft and engines when you need to sell excess assets fast.

Our team is also equipped with innovative solutions that are tailored to your needs as a commercial airline.  Some of these solutions include:   leasing spare engines, buying engines to give you equity and aligning you with buyers that are interested in your excess aircraft.

If you’re an airline with surplus inventory, know that you can place your assets in the capable hands of INAV Group, LLC ™.  Learn more about the benefits of partnering with our team