We are backed by 40 plus years of service in aviation parts and asset management. With over 4 decades of experience, demonstrated effectiveness and continued financial stability, our knowledge in this industry is a winning asset for your business.

We are focused on your needs. One of our defining characteristics is our dedication and focus on satisfying your unique needs as a customer. It is our belief that by listening to our customers and understanding their individual goals, we can deliver tailored products, services and programs that surpass expectations.

We offer you tailored solutions. At INAV Group, LLC ™, we understand that every customer comes to us with a unique challenge.  It is our goal to present you with innovative, flexible and creative solutions that make sense for your business.  We are committed to ensuring that you achieve success and optimal returns.

We are dedicated to integrity and ethical business practices at all times. We demonstrate integrity and professionalism by treating you with respect and offering trust.  Every member of our team is personally accountable for all aspects of our work and empowered to make decisions.  Our team aims to live up to our promises, to deliver on-time and to operate every single day with authenticity, openness and reliability.  You will be treated with the level of fairness and service you deserve.

Our people have over 100 years of industry experience. Few companies in our industry can match the level of experience and expertise that our internal team possesses.  You will find that our team members are not only specialists that have immense knowledge in engine parts, but they also enjoy working for our company and are dedicated to providing you with personalized solutions.

We are known for being the go-to guys. Whether we are buying engine parts or helping you sell them, you’ll see why our company is known for getting the job done.  We do what we say and live up to our promises 100% of the time.  We are accountable for all facets of our work and aim to enhance your success.

We are positioned for continued growth. We are always seeking to improve our services and are energized by change. We are a team of forward-thinking individuals that are constantly trying to find ways to better serve our customers.