2011 Chi-Stat

Welcome to our city!  We’re looking forward to joining our aviation colleagues at the annual Chi-Stat reception.  This year, the reception will be held on June 8th at Crystal Gardens’ Navy Pier Ballroom and commemorates the 17th annual meeting and celebration of Chicago’s commercial aviation presence.

Several team members from INAV Group, LLC ™ will be in attendance including:  Jamie Benthusen, Christine Cheatham, Chuck Cooper, Dan Dickinson, Julie Gribbens, Craig Hackendahl, Sean Murdough and Mark Wheatley.  If you’re planning to attend, we’d welcome the opportunity to visit with you and to discuss shared opportunities.  To arrange a time to speak with us, please call 847-847-3600 or send a message to sales@INAVGroup.com.

We’ll see you there!

About Chi-Stat

Chi-Stat is a group based within the Chicago area that is comprised of professionals in aviation finance, marketing and consulting.  The organization has a strong presence within the aviation industry and is committed to providing informal networking opportunities to affiliated individuals and companies.  To learn more, visit:  www.chi-stat.com