A Record Breaking Year for INAV

In 2011, INAV Group had another record year.  In many facets of our business we were able to exceed expectations and surpass goals set for our individual divisions.  Due to last year’s success, our Inventory Navigators LLC division is experiencing an unprecedented demand for engines and engine related material.  As we move further into 2012, commercial engine overhaul shops worldwide will continue to count on INAV to address their demand for the following engines:  CFM56 family, PW4000, PW2000, RB211-535, CF6-80C, and V2500.

Last year, INAV Group also bought and sold two of our Allison 501 Gen Set Packages (3.0 MW each).  This recent sale, delivery, and installation have shown promising results for our industrial power business.  This year, we intend to continue buying and re-selling industrial turbines as well as disassembling these units so the used materials can be sold to overhaul shops and end users internationally.

Another great development in 2011 was the hiring of our new Director – Sales, Joe O’Donnell.  For the past four months, Joe has been working with our team on customer development and retention initiatives.  As our Director – Sales, Joe will continue to play an important role in identifying viable business opportunities for our company, expanding our client base, and culminating mutually beneficial partnerships with sellers globally.

Our company’s goals and objectives for 2012 have been clearly identified by our team.  Moving into this year, we plan to focus on building relationships with individuals and partners worldwide in our industry that are mutually beneficial.  Dan Dickinson, INAV’s Chairman says, “Our company has a long history of developing relationships based on culture, trust, and respective fit.  Our partners have consistently relied upon our innovative solutions and financial acuity and it is through our partnerships that areas of our company have grown in exciting new ways.”  He continued, “In the past, INAV has had great success with our “bolt on” strategy.  This year, my personal objective is to partner with a colleague involved in a niche related aviation business so we can work in conjunction to grow a $10 million company together.”  With these goals in mind, INAV Group will continue to reach out to individuals and partners regarding new ventures.  We encourage interested colleagues to contact us directly to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration.