INAV Group, LLC: Actively Seeking New Partnerships and Acquisitions in 2012

…Together We Make It Happen…

After a successful 2011, INAV Group has defined our plans, goals, and objectives for the year. Looking forward, we see several areas where we will again collaborate with individuals and partners in our industry to achieve mutual success throughout 2012. At this time, we encourage interested colleagues to contact us with ideas for collaboration or to discuss possible acquisitions.

Strategic Ventures and Growth

Our Inventory Navigators LLC division is experiencing unprecedented demand for engines in support of their customers, the global commercial engine overhaul shops. This increased demand means we expect multiple, near-term acquisitions of various types of engines including: the CFM56 family, PW4000, PW2000, RB211-535, CF6-80C, and V2500. Additionally, our path-to-market, growth, and expansion provides great value for those looking to place engines in entrustments so their inventory can realize maximum total return over time.

Most of our purchases or entrustments are secured through our colleagues and partners in the industry and they seem to fall into several areas:

  • Some engines we buy or receive on entrustment directly from the operator or the leasing company. About a third of these engines are subject to current leases where the engine or whole aircraft is purchased by us subject to a current lease.
  • Other engines are purchased by us and then leased back to the operator so they can continue to utilize the engine with our financial backing.
  • Another third of the engines are structured on a risk sharing basis or other type of innovative financial solution developed by our team that creates added value for these engines’ owners.

In all cases, our team is committed to providing a quick path-to-market with entrustment material and presenting our partners with effective solutions while exceeding our clients’ expectations. We have constantly fulfilled our clients’ expectations using our 40 plus years of experience, ability to analyze and execute quickly, and financial capabilities.

New Initiatives in 2012

During 2012, our plan is to establish at least three new business units.

Over a year ago, we moved our various companies, some established over 40 years ago, under a single umbrella – INAV Group, LLC. We did this was for several reasons, but our main goal was to have the ability to pursue our “bolt on” strategy.

For 40 plus years we successfully executed our “bolt on” strategy by establishing several business units through partnerships, joint ventures, and strategic alliances. Some partnerships were formalized, others were not, but all were successful with some eclipsing the size of the parent company. These companies were all connected to our core business and included several leasing and trading businesses as well as a host of other strategic partnerships and alliances. Since then, two of our companies have been sold, our Corporate Aircraft business which reached over $100M top-line, and our Power Division (using Aero engine to produce electric power) which was sold to a Fortune 500 company.

Most of these companies were very niche businesses that began with a single idea or a partner with an idea. Others were small businesses purchased outright and merged. Yet, regardless of how the businesses commenced, we have created immense opportunities and delivered significant return on investment for our business, partners, and customers.

In the coming year, we will continue to pursue businesses that are tangential in our industry. Often times, a partner can take a project from “A to B”. However, a project can go from “B to C” when our platform, our expertise, financial resources, network of partners, and very active board members are utilized.

Partnerships Built on Trust and Fit

Throughout our decades of operation, our business has thrived by an internal code of ethics and culture that has not only fostered our growth as a company, but also led to long-term partnerships based on trust, accountability, and consistency. Our partners continually count on our creative solutions, economical acuity, and our team, which is comprised of professionals with decades of experience both in and outside our organization. Together we make it happen.

This year, we intend to foster new partnerships that are built on a high level of trust and cultural fit. Our tiger teams are able to quickly assess potential partners’ ideas or acquisitions, arriving at solutions where both parties can mutually benefit.

We look forward to hearing about new ventures throughout the year and are actively seeking new partnerships at this time. We welcome the opportunity to speak with colleagues in our industry about possible ventures, acquisitions, and new alliances. Those interested are encouraged to contact our company as we are always looking for mutually beneficial alliances.