INAV had Significant Presence at ISTAT 2012

This year, several team members from INAV Group attended ISTAT 2012 including Craig Hackendahl (President/CEO), Chuck Cooper (Vice Chairman), Sean Murdough (Vice President – Engine Products), and Christine Cheatham (Purchasing).  2012 marked the 29th year of the three day conference which took place in Phoenix, Arizona.  The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading currently has over 2,200 members worldwide and these professionals are given the opportunity to connect during this much anticipated annual event.

INAV Group had a significant present at this year’s ISTAT conference which yielded substantial purchasing opportunities.  Upon his return from the event, Sean Murdough said, “As our team continues to focus on our long-term growth strategy, it is evident that fostering relationships with colleagues in our industry at events like ISTAT is paramount to our success.”

At this time, the INAV Group team welcomes the opportunity to discuss partnerships, acquisitions or ventures with our commercial aviation colleagues.  Those interested in potential collaboration are encouraged to call 847-847-3600 or send a message to sales@INAVGroup.com.

About ISTAT:

For over 25 years, the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) has been dedicated to fostering and promoting interest and educational opportunities in commercial aviation while providing a forum for those involved in the aviation and supporting industries. ISTAT currently represents more than 2,200 members worldwide who are involved in operating, manufacturing, maintaining, selling, purchasing, financing, leasing, appraising, insuring or other activities related to the commercial aviation sector.