Putting Relationships First

Recently, our very own Dan Dickinson had the opportunity to contribute to an article entitled “5 Ideas to Scale Up While the Competition Scales Back”.  The piece, which will be featured in American Express’ Open Forum, provides insight from four members of Vistage, a group comprised of c-level executives dedicated to business mentoring, coaching, and advising.

The piece, written by Lindsey Donner, asserts that in today’s challenging economic climate, company owners are facing bigger obstacles than ever before.  These everyday problems have not only led to financial road blocks, but also “anxiety”.  Leaders are afraid to plan for growth in 2012 because of the setbacks they have faced in recent years.

However, not all companies faltered.  Contributors to the article, Dan included, are all leaders within organizations that have experienced success in the past few years.  So, how did these four members achieve growth in their own organizations?  According to the author, “it seems they’re channeling others’ anxieties into new opportunities—and filling gaps their competitors have left behind.”

For INAV Group, growth can be attributed to a belief Dan has long stood by.  That belief is putting partnerships and alliances first.  It is this drive to not only create, but to build upon partnerships that has led to the unprecedented success of INAV.  As Dan says in the article, “I’m a master networker. I’ll meet somebody and I’ll instantly find out where the commonalities are and where they’re not. Two plus two equals five if you do it right.”

As we enter 2012, INAV Group is positioned for further success and it is our intention to cultivate new, mutually beneficial partnerships that are based on cultural fit and trust.  As our company’s history proves, strategic alliances can defeat economic hurdles and partnerships based on synchronicity often yield the most amazing results.