Walking the Walk

Speed Matters…
Everyone “talks the talk”.  How many times have you heard, “We have cash and can close immediately”? We hear it all the time, but how many really perform?  In our experience, not many, and a transaction over the Memorial Day weekend highlighted how INAV can deliver as promised and  “walk the walk”.
We were contacted last Tuesday evening after normal business hours.  A buyer of a 737 was ready to close and it was predicated on the subsequent sale of one of the engines to a third party.  The closing was set for Thursday, and he was informed by his engine buyer on Tuesday that they could not perform.
Our team analyzed the engine well into the night.  On Wednesday morning, we set up a physical inspection of the engine and worked out the contractual details in-house. Everything was signed on Wednesday by 4PM.  We closed and bought the engine on Thursday morning as the wires opened.
Less than 36 hours from the first phone call to closing to make this transaction happen.  This is an impossibility for most, but not unusual for us.  Our team is always in a constant state of trading activity, and after 40 years in the business, we know how to get things done fast.  Yes, we can “talk the talk”, but we are one of the very few that can “walk the walk” while acting quickly, concisely, and professionally.
At INAV, we under promise and over deliver. You can count on us, always.  Call us at 847-847-3600 when you have excess inventory, engines, or engines spares.