Engine MRO Benefits

As an Engine MRO, you want to work with a seller that you can trust and that lives up to its promises.  You also want to partner with a team that has extensive experience when it comes to asset management and end of life cycle strategy.  When you partner with INAV Group, LLC ™, you can count on an organization that has extensive industry expertise and the ability to provide quality engines and engine parts.  By building a relationship with our team, you will have access to people who have the diverse solutions you need and the integrity to keep your best interests in mind.

Benefits of Working with INAV as an Engine MRO

  • We establish long-term partnerships with Engine MROs and are committed to building relationships over time.  We are loyal to our partners and continue to keep their best interests in mind.
  • We are committed to offering Engine MROs quality products.  When you work with INAV Group, you can count on excellent assets and flawless trace paperwork.  You can also count on products that are competitively priced.
  • We always deliver on our commitments.  Our company strives to live up to our promises, works promptly and executes as expected.
  • We have numerous programs and solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of Engine MROs.  Our team is ready to present you support options that provide cost effective solutions and seamless integration into your ongoing overhaul operations.