Engine MRO Overview

As an Engine Maintenance and Overhaul (MRO) facility, you may be looking to purchase engines and engine material from a company that is highly regarded for delivering quality products, being on-time and providing flawless trace paperwork.  You may also find that you have excess inventory that you would like to sell and may need a buyer who has the financial capability to move quickly and ensure a seamless transaction.  When you are in need of a buyer or seller of engines or engine parts, know that you can count on the experience and expertise presented by INAV Group, LLC ™.  With over 40 years in the aircraft asset management industry, our company has the financial means, years of experience and custom solutions you need to buy and sell your engine material.

Throughout our years of operation, we have had the opportunity create lasting partnerships with Engine MROs all over the world.  Every time we work with an Engine MRO as a seller or buyer, it is our goal to live up to our promises and to deliver unique and innovative solutions such as entrustments and joint ventures.  When you choose to partner with the INAV team, you will be offered solutions that are in-line with your business objectives and also have the opportunity to work with professionals that have upstanding business relationships with Engine MROs worldwide.

Our Solutions Address Your Challenges

There are several reasons why you will benefit from partnering with INAV Group.  Our company is focused on creating long-term partnerships with Engine MROs that are mutually beneficial and we present you with unique, tailored solutions. We may not be the largest buyer or seller in the world, but we are backed by immense resources, financial flexibility and ongoing stability.  Our team lives up to our promises and is committed to making you look good during all transactions.

If you are eager to discover how your organization and INAV Group, LLC ™ can work together, learn more about the benefits of partnering with our team…