INAV Aircraft Leasing

INAV Aircraft Leasing is the commercial and regional aircraft leasing division of INAV Group, LLC ™.  This division of the company offers aircraft leasing and leasing management to our worldwide client base which is comprised of commercial, corporate, government and non-government agencies.  With decades of experience and a longstanding reputation based on trust, ethics and exemplary service, INAV Aircraft Leasing continues to grow in innovative new ways.

At INAV Aircraft Leasing, we continue to build and update our portfolio with new purchases annually as owner/lessor.  It is our goal to expand our narrow body and regional aircraft offerings.  We also utilize our vast industry experience and knowledge to help our clients manage their portfolios.  As aircraft leasing specialists, it is our goal to ensure that our clients’ portfolios continue to grow with the addition of right assets.  We have helped numerous clients worldwide enhance their aircraft portfolios.

The History Behind INAV Aircraft Leasing

Our first aircraft lease was in 1982.  Since then we have leased over 150 aircraft to lessees worldwide as owner/lessor.

INAV Aircraft Leasing is committed to offering reliable international aircraft leasing services.  Since 1977, this affiliate has specialized in the purchase, sale, lease and rebuilding of commuter class aircraft, including:

  • Fairchild Metro II
  • Fairchild Metro III
  • Dehavilland Twin Otters
  • Commuter Regional Aircraft
  • Cargo Aircraft

Turbo Prop Market

INAV Aircraft Leasing also active in the turbo prop market and jet markets.  We currently lease to the private, corporate, commuter and regional aircraft market.  Due to our vast experience, we have a solid understanding of turbo prop operations.  In fact, we are one of the few companies in the world that purchase turbo prop lease portfolios that are subject to current leases from financial lessors.

Our Clients

Clients of INAV Aircraft Leasing include banks, financial lessors, commuter airlines and feeder airlines.  Our aircraft is used around the world in places such as South Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Pacific Islands and are utilized by corporate, governmental and non-governmental entities.

Our Portfolio

  • INAV Aircraft Leasing is believed to be the largest single owner and lessor of Fairchild Metro aircraft in the entire world.  Over time, we have owned over half the Metro II’s ever manufactured.  We are also the largest lessor of Metro II/III regional aircraft worldwide.
  • INAV Aircraft Leasing is one of the most active and longest lessors of Beech 1900D aircraft.  Our company has leased over 30 aircraft as owner lessor throughout the past 8 years. At one time, we owned the entire 1900D fleet operated by Midwest Airlines.
  • Throughout the past several years, INAV Aircraft Leasing has also owned and leased Boeing 727-200’s, Boeing 737-200/300 series aircraft, Douglass DC-10-10 and we have leased 4 wide-body aircraft since that time.  Now, our leasing portfolio contains 23 aircraft and we continue to update our fleet.  In addition to the aircraft owned and managed by our team, we manage portfolios for our customers worldwide.