INAV Entrustments

INAV Entrustments is a division within INAV Group, LLC ™ that is comprised of life cycle and aircraft asset management specialists.  This division of our company works closely with clients who wish to entrust our team with the management of their engines, engine parts or aircraft material.  Our goal is to maximize the value of our clients’ material by evaluating the quality of their parts and aligning their assets with buyers who are interested in making purchases.  Our expertise is particularly useful to clients who are not aware of the value of their assets or who feel their parts are no longer worth money because they have reached the end of the life cycle.

Our team of technical specialists and sales experts are ready to use our partnerships and networks to ensure seamless purchases.  We have an established path to market with operators and overhaul facilities throughout the world and we use our partnerships to make certain clients’ parts are sold fast and at the right price. By having these connections in place, we can save our clients a great deal of time during all transactions while empowering them economically. Furthermore, due to the financial capability and scale of our company, we are in the position to offer our clients cash for their excess inventory.

Our Clients

INAV Group, LLC ™ is the go-to contact of choice for engine MROs, financial institutions, brokers, airlines and OEMs throughout the globe as our company is an approved supplier to many overhaul facilities.  We take immense pride in that fact that we have a vast portfolio of innovative solutions that are ideal for all types of customers.  It is our unique solutions, commitment to quality, years of expertise and personalized customer service that has enabled to build upstanding relationships with clients globally.  By partnering with INAV Entrustments, clients inherit a great combination of industry expertise, knowledge and resources.

Our company is also ISO 9001:2008 and FAA AC 00-56A certified to assure operational excellence and the highest quality standards.  Our team is more than qualified to perform a thorough assessment of clients’ parts and determine a fair price based upon quality and condition.  We are then able to help owners achieve good return on investment when their parts go to market.