INAV PowerGen

INAV PowerGen realized long ago that there is an ongoing demand for small power generator packages.  As pioneers in our industry, it was our intention to fulfill that demand by creating a power generation division over a decade ago. 
The History Behind INAV PowerGen
In 1996, our management team created and developed this business unit which was spearheaded by Chuck Copper and Dan Dickinson.  This affiliate later developed the 1.2 MW Innovator Genset which utilized an overhauled Lycoming T-53 turbine engine to produce the specific voltage and cycle outputs required by a customer’s application. During this time, we developed a control system that set new standards in process control.  Details on the Innovator can be found here (YouTube).
In 2001, the majority interest of this affiliate was sold to American Electric Power (NYSE:AEP), a New York Stock Exchange company.
Our Power System Offerings
Since we started INAV PowerGen, we have supplied our Aero engine parts worldwide whenever there is an applicability and cross over from our aero engines to power generation engines.  Due to the demand for these specific types of engines, our support and services continue to grow.
At INAV PowerGen, we are committed to offering tailored solutions to each type of client.  In cases where smaller power generation engines are needed, our sales division is prepared to act quickly. Currently, we buy, sell and lease units 6.0 MW units and less including the 1.2 MW Innovation Gensets, Solar Saturn units as well as the Rolls Royce Allison 501 units. We also have 501 Allison units available for sale: