Our Solutions

INAV Group, LLC ™ specializes in the purchase, sale and lease of engines, engine parts and airframes. All materials are backed by impeccable trace paperwork and material certification. Additionally, INAV Group is ISO 9001:2008 and FAA AC 00-56A certified to assure operational excellence and the highest quality standards.

At INAV Group, LLC ™, we are committed to quality in all that we do.  Our company is the best in aftermarket commercial airline parts and aim to serve as your continued partner in strategic aircraft management.  We make it a priority to get to know your fleet, your team and your business goals so we can provide you with tailored solutions that deliver the results you desire.

Our team meets your needs with integrity, expertise and complete commitment to your satisfaction from start to finish.  Our dedication to ethical business practices and living up to our commitments is why our company has become a leading resource for airlines, engine MROs, financial owners and buyers worldwide.

Inventory Navigators Engine Component Support
Our team members have hundreds of years of experience when it comes to purchasing, selling and leasing aircraft and engine material.  We offer you a world of resources and effective solutions such as joint ventures, entrustments, leasing and outright purchasing of your performing and non-performing parts.  You can count on outstanding trace documentation, superior customer service and accountability every time you work with us.  We are ISO 9001:2008 and FAA AC 00-56A certified and backed by 40 plus years of experience in the engine parts industry.  Our expertise, technical knowledge and commitment to quality will ensure your success.  We buy material and support CFM56-3, CFM56-5, CFM56-7, PW2000, PW4000, CF6-50, CF6-80, RB-211, JT8D-219 and V2500 engines.

INAV Engine Leasing
This division is dedicated to the leasing of CFM56-3, CFM56-5, CFM56-7, PW2000, PW4000, CF6-50, CF6-80, RB-211, JT8D-219 and V2500 engines.  Our engine leasing solutions present you with a potent combination of knowledgeable experts, a network of global sales contacts and affiliations that will achieve optimal financial results.  When we purchase an engine for leasing, whether long-term or stub lease, we target assets owned by airline operators worldwide.  Our team also purchases engines from operators with the intent of leasing back to the original sellers.  This provides operators with cash while they maintain possession of the engines which is especially useful when assets reach the latter stage of the engine life cycle.

INAV Entrustments
Maximizing your return on whole engines and excessive engine material.  This division of our company works with airline owners and financial owners who are looking to sell assets quickly and at competitive prices.  By partnering with INAV Group, you will have a direct path to market so we can sell your product at the right price.  You can depend upon our team of engine experts to analyze your engine material.  We connect with buyers worldwide and maximize value when your product is sold.

INAV Aircraft Leasing
This division is dedicated to offering aircraft leasing services to a worldwide client base comprised of private, commercial, government and non-government agencies.  We manage our own portfolio of aircraft as owner/lessor and also offer portfolio management services to clients throughout the world.  Our aircraft leasing company is backed by over 25 years of experience in the commercial aircraft leasing industry and an impeccable reputation amongst our peers.  Currently, we have a portfolio that consists of 15 aircraft.  In the past, our portfolio has included DC-10s, 747s and other wide body aircraft.  We have leased various fleets of 737s and 727s and have been very active with the Fairchild Metroliner.  In fact, we are the largest owner/lessor in the world of the Metroliner and at one time or another we have owned half of the Metro II’s ever manufactured.  We have also leased more Beech 1900s than any other lessor in the world except for the OEM.

INAV Joint Ventures
Our company is ready serve as a trusted partner and provide you with risk sharing ventures, financial programs and economic strategies that deliver exceptional return on investment.  The financial resources and size of our company affords us the flexibility to create custom joint ventures suited to your company’s best interests.  Our solutions are tailored to your individual needs and offerings.  Due to the strategic alliances we have created worldwide and our 40 plus years of industry experience, we are able to serve a loyal partner during these types of ventures.

INAV PowerGen
Our team fulfills an ongoing demand for small power generator packages.  We are committed to providing power generation engine sales and support you can rely upon. In 1996, our management team created and developed this business unit after realizing there was an ongoing demand for small power generator packages.  In 2001, the majority interest of this affiliate was sold to American Electric Power (NYSE:AEP), a New York Stock Exchange company.  Currently, our team buys and sells generation units in the 1 to 6 MW range and currently have two packages for sale.  We also sell other components for aero derivative engines used in the power generation industry.

INAV Asset Management
Our team partners with clients throughout the world who are in need of support, guidance, and expertise as they aim to add value to their portfolio of aircraft, engines, and parts.  Our team specializes in the management of transactions as clients acquire, sell, trade, overhaul, or lease their assets at competitive prices.  INAV Asset Management is dedicated to ensuring that our clients achieve good return on investment as they make additions to their portfolios.  Clients that choose to enlist our asset management expertise benefit from our knowledge of product appraisals, acquisition abilities, financing options, technical knowledge, and network of global partnerships.