INAV Group, LLC ™ is always looking to buy and sell RB211-535 engines.  Please contact us to inquire about purchasing a Rolls Royce engine or engine parts from our company by calling 847-847-3600.  We are not only experienced when it comes to dealing with these particular engines, but we are in fact RB211-535 engine experts and have been for years.

As owners and RB211-535 engine experts, we are willing to sell or lease Rolls Royce RB211-535E4 (serial number 30565) to clients that are looking to secure quality assets.  Our RB211-535 engines are ETOPS compliant and include:  complete new LLP Disk Stack at last shop visit, partial QEC/Less IDG and Hydraulic Pump and engine stands.

About RB211-535 Engines

The Rolls Royce RB211-535 has a thrust range of 37,400 to 60,600 lbf and was originally developed for the Lockhead L-1011.  Rolls Royce introduced this engine to the market in 1972 to power this particular aircraft.  The RB211-535 is considered the first true three-spool engine and gave Rolls Royce some competitive leverage in the airline industry.