Sellers Overview

As a seller of aviation parts and aircraft materials, you are looking for end of life strategies that present good return on investment for you and your company.  With over 40 years of operational experience in the aviation parts industry, we are more than prepared to serve as your trusted, reliable partner and offer you cash for your assets.  We are always looking to purchase surplus aircraft, engines or engine parts.  When you contact our team, we will appraise your assets and move quickly to close transactions.

Benefits of Working with INAV as a Seller

  • We are prepared to purchase your excess inventory for cash.  Our company is always looking to acquire assets and is prepared to present you with a competitive price for your product.
  • We have your best interests in mind.  At INAV Group, we operate in accordance with an internal code of ethics.  Part of our code is treating our customers with respect, fostering trust and collaboration, living up to our promises and executing flawlessly.
  • Our team is easy and competent to work with and ready to guide you through the seller process.  Whether you are an engine MRO that has sold parts before or a bank with parts to sell quickly, our team possesses the expertise it takes to get the job done right and on-time.
  • We operate discreetly and are committed to protecting your confidentiality as a seller.
  • We have worldwide partnerships with buyers who want what you have to sell.  If we do not purchase your assets directly we can correlate with our partners who may be interested in your offerings.
  • We are ready to act quickly.  From the time you contact our team, we will get involved immediately so you can dispose of your aviation parts in a timely fashion.
  • We are committed to making you look good.  You can place your trust in our ability to execute as promised and our long-standing reputation as one of the industry’s most reliable buyers of aircraft engines and materials.